Monday, November 10, 2008

SNIF tag: Social Networking for dogs
Posted by: core jr

If you feel it's time for Fido to get into that whole social networking thing then this may be for you. The SNIF tag is a wireless gadget that clips onto a dog's collar. As you take your dog for a walk amongst all the other SNIF-enabled hounds at your local park, the tag records your dog's erm, interactions and shares the data with other tags.

Back at home, the tag uploads its data to your online SNIF profile, which allows you to share as much personal information with other SNIF owning dog lovers as you can handle. Creepy or cool? It depends on how hot the other SNIF owners are I guess.

For the designer backstory, here's a video clip of SNIF tag production and a Flickr set of SNIF's quest for a production facility together with their industrial designers from Readymade.

It's interesting. I have a dog and I really like this little staff. It is $199, too expensive! 

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